The CLEAR-X project was created to make it simpler for the average consumer to transition to renewable energy, and make more energy efficient consumption choices. At the heart of this project are a series of collective purchase campaigns (CPCs) run by consumer organisations. 6 September 2022 sees the launch of the first of these campaigns, when Slovenian consumers will be invited to participate in the collective purchase of a heat-pump based tumble dryer.

“These tumble dryers run on a heat pump, rather than the more traditional condenser or vented dryers,” commented Peter Klemencic of Zveza potrošnikov Slovenije, the Slovenian consumers’ association organising the campaign. “So not only will the dryer avoid producing humidity in your home, but it will also use less energy than conventional tumble dryers.”

Tests run through an online calculator also created by ZPS show that the new heat pump tumble dryers use significantly less energy compared to traditional models. Between the least and most efficient products tested, a consumer can save approximately €80 per year, and save over 100 kilograms of carbon per year (the equivalent of the CO2 absorbed by 8 trees in a year).

As part of the CLEAR-X project, all of the products offered to consumers in the campaign have been lab-tested to ensure not just energy efficiency but also other quality criteria such as ease of use, creasing, noise and condensation levels. This ensures that only very high quality products are provided to consumers. Products will be offered at a competitive price secured in advance, combined with free delivery and the assistance of the national consumer organisation in consumer protection if something does go wrong.

To participate in this campaign, consumers should visit . The window for participation will be open from 6 September 2022.

Beyond this first campaign, the project will continue with the launch of CPCs for solar PV panels in Slovakia and Lithuania in October and November 2022 respectively, while all other partners will launch their first campaign in early 2023.

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The CLEAR-X project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 101033682.