OPM, the consumers’ organization of North Macedonia, has kicked off its collective purchase campaign of air-to-air heat pumps. The campaign, which started on 22 February and will run for three months, offers consumers a discounted price on several products, ranging in price from €1000 to 1300. The offer also includes professional installation, to simplify the process for consumers and ensure optimal product use.

This type of heat pump is commonly referred to as an air conditioner. North Macedonia has varied climate regions, but OPM expect consumers in the country to be most interested in the products’ cooling function, given the country’s hot summers. However, they also point out that air-to-air heat pumps have an inverter, which allows for warming the home in the milder months during spring and autumn. They expect consumers to still make use of their central heating system in the winter months.

“Where consumers are replacing old air conditioners, they should expect high levels of comfort and lower energy bills, given the high energy efficiency of these products,” commented Marijana Loncar-Velkova of OPM, adding that all of the heat pumps have been lab tested to ensure they’re among the best performing products on the market.

As a candidate country to join the EU, North Macedonia has worked to align with EU legislation in recent years. The government has committed to financial subsidization of PV panels for homeowners and hopes to expand its domestic production of PV panels and modules. However, OPM insists that the government has a long way to go in terms of encouraging consumers to switch to renewables and become prosumers.

“Our energy mix is largely based on fossil fuels, which is why we need to speed up the shift to renewables, especially solar energy. At the moment though, most consumers are in the dark when it comes to solar energy, and don’t know how to make it work for them. That’s where the government needs to step in,” Mrs. Loncar-Velkova commented.

More information can be found on the campaign here.

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