There are 9 organisations taking part in the CLEAR-X project.

Seven of them are established consumer organisations which provide advice to consumers at national level.

The other two organisations are a European umbrella network of consumer organisations (BEUC) and a UK-based global consortium of consumer organisations that collaborate on research and testing of consumer products and services (ICRT).



Flag of none BEUC

BEUC, The European Consumer Organisation, is a Brussels-based federation of 45 independent national consumer organisations from 32 European countries. BEUC was created to promote, defend and represent the interests of European consumers in the elaboration and implementation of EU policies.

BEUC has dedicated policy and communications teams advocating for a regulatory environment which protects consumers in energy markets across Europe.

BEUC is the coordinator of the project.


Flag of lt ALCO

Established in 2012, Lithuanian Consumers Alliance (previously – Alliance of Lithuanian Consumer Organisations) groups together 10 consumer associations. Members of the Alliance are active consumer organisations, such as the Lithuanian Consumer Association, Lithuanian Consumer Union, Consumer Rights Protection Centre, Lithuanian Association of Bank Customers, the Lithuanian Citizens Advice Union, Association “For Honesty in Banking“, Consumer Rights Institute, FiKVA – the Finance and Credit Management Association, Insurance Policyholders Association, APGIDA – the Personal Privacy Protection and Data Security Association. The main goal of the Alliance is to represent Lithuanian consumers’ interests at both national and international levels in governmental institutions, businesses and non-governmental sectors.


Flag of bg BNAAC

Българска национална асоциация “Активни потребители” (BNAAC)

BNAAC is an independent NGO which protects Bulgarian consumer interests.

It has 3 branches and 9 information and advice centres in the cities of Bulgaria. The organisation provides information and assistance to consumers, including through its magazine ACTIVE CONSUMERS, lobbies policy-makers so that legislation represents consumers’ interests and conducts comparative testing and research.

BNAAC has over two decades of experience in providing trainings for experts and stakeholders in consumer protection and sustainable energy.


Flag of cy CCA

The Cyprus Consumers Association is an independent, non-governmental consumer organisation. Since its inception in 1973, the association plays an important role in supporting Cypriot consumers and ensuring that the consumer voice is heard at all levels of the political system. The organisation provides information to consumers about their rights, handles consumer complaints coming from the market. 

CCA runs a school for adults since 1990. Classes cover a range of consumer issues and rights, are weekly and free of charge. 


Flag of pt DECO PROTeste

DECO PROTeste, Editors, Lda is an editorial company offering various services to consumers, through five output channels, namely magazines, a website (and newsletters), contact centre, lobbying and press, as well as negotiations with service providers. DECO PROTeste magazines and the website offer information on more than 100 comparative tests per year, as well as scenario surveys, statistical surveys, and personalised calculators.

DECO PROTeste’s audience includes more than 345,000 households as members of DECO. DECO PROTeste acts independently with public and private entities guided only by the defense of citizens’ rights. DECO PROTeste is the largest Portuguese organization for the defense and representation of all consumers and its main values are independence, credibility and proximity. DECO PROTeste develops its activity so that consumers know better and more extensively their rights and have access to accurate and clear information, without promotional or ideological biases. DECO PROTeste’s action is based on extensive technical, scientific and political work, allowing us to present and deliver real solutions to real problems. Is a member of BEUC, ICRT and Consumers International.


Flag of mk OPM

The Consumers’ Organisation of Macedonia (COM) is an NGO established in 1996. The role of the organization is to support consumers of North Macedonia in achieving their consumer rights through giving advice, educating consumers and representing their interests in different governmental bodies. COM has influenced the approximation of the consumers protection legislation and policies with those of EU in all domains (market surveillance and safety of products, the food safety, patient rights, energy efficiency, financial services). COM cooperates with the network od consumers’ organisations on the national level with their consumers advice offices and together with those organisations implements a government consumer program.


Flag of sk SOS

SOS is a Slovak consumer organisation which provides advice to consumers and dispute resolution for consumer complaints. It was established in 2011 and runs four consumer advice centres in Slovakia, providing professional counselling and practical help particularly to vulnerable people.

SOS also organises educational seminars and trainings for consumers, traders and SMEs and has a long history in publishing manuals and publications for consumers, traders and other groups. SOS is an active member in different policy groups for national implementation of EU legislation for energy, mobility, finance, telecommunication, food and data protection.


Flag of si ZPS

ZPS –Slovene Consumers’ Association is a, non-profit, independent non-government membership consumer organization established in 1990 to defend, promote and advocate for the interests of consumers. ZPS acts as the champion of the individual consumer, through advice and information, research and advocacy, campaigning and policy-making and represents Slovenian consumers nationally and internationally. Its most powerful tool is the independent consumer magazine ZPStest.


Flag of none ICRT

International Consumer Research & Testing (ICRT) is a global consortium of consumer organisations that collaborate on research and testing of consumer products and services. ICRT is a not-for-profit organisation fully owned by its members. As such it is independent of product manufacturers, and acts exclusively in the interest of the consumer. ICRT enables consumer organisations worldwide to co-operate in providing high-quality and independent information on products and services, thus helping consumers make smart choices in increasingly complex markets. ICRT has 37 members that represent the interests of consumers in 34 countries worldwide, with the potential to reach more than 25m consumers through the publications of our member organisations.

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